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Sizzle with a clean grill.
Get the sparkling shine your grill deserves.

The BBQ grill cleaning experts, serving customers in the Minneapolis - St. Paul metro and surrounding areas.
Our unique mobile model is made to fit your schedule by bringing our cleaning service to your doorstep.

Grill looks brand new! Jose was wonderful!! Very nice and polite, I will recommend you to friends.

Brad, Edina

Just used the grill last night and took a closer look inside. Jose is amazing. This grill looks as good as the day it was delievered. Just awesome!

Steve, Minnetonka

Amazing. Absolutely love the work! It exceeded my expectations...
by a lot!

Angie, Excelsior

A dirty grill allows bacteria to grow and leads to grease buildup, increasing the risk of fires. Scraping the grill rack after use helps in the short term, but it's recommended to deep clean the grill 1-2 times a year, depending on usage.


What We Offer

Our service offers a unique, mobile, and proprietary service that deeply cleans outdoor BBQ grills. Holy Cow! uses environmentally friendly cleaning products to effectively eliminate all traces of grease, fat, and carbon deposits. This includes the removal of harmful carcinogens and charred food particles that can be transferred to food.

Our meticulous cleaning and inspection process not only prevents future corrosion but also prolongs the lifespan of your grill, ensuring it remains in excellent condition. As a result of our thorough service, your BBQ grill will have a remarkable appearance once we have completed our work.

Green, non-toxic grill cleaning

Non-Hazardous Chemicals

or Fumes

100% Biodegradable

EPA - DFE Product






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